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Click the links below or one of the coloured areas on the map at right to see the list of tours and prices Willis's Walkabouts offers in

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The lists above allow you to click on any trip to find out more about it. If you would prefer a simple, printable list of all our trips, here is our latest trip list.

Special Interest Trips

We can offer a variety of special interest trips. Some are in our normal program, all can be arranged as special charters.

Please contact us if you are interested in a group charter for any of the above or for any other particular interest your group might have.

Information Pages


To find out the meaning of the codes used in the trip lists, how we rate the level of difficulty of the trips, about the discounts we offer or how to book, click the links below.

Trip Notes

Every trip we offer comes with a two to seven page set of printable trip notes. Click the link below for a complete list. Clicking any trip on that list will bring up the trip notes for that trip.

General Information

If you have never done any off-track walking, we strongly recommend that you visit our "Is it for you?" page and follow the links to the relevant information, especially the "how hard" page."


The link below will take you to our forms page where you can download our registration form, Bushwalking Guide and information about how to keep your pack as light as possible.

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