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Red Centre


The Red Centre

Map of Central Australia

This is the living heart of Australia. Those who pass through in a few days or even a week of rushing about can never fully appreciate what it has to offer.

More than anywhere else we hike, the Centre can vary dramatically from year to year. Our Red Centre or Green page shows you just how different the same trek can be from one year to the next. Click the link. You'll be glad you did.

West Macdonnells camp. Away from the Larapinta Trail, you share the campsites with no one but your walking companions.

In recent years, more and more people have been discovering the 220 km Larapinta Trail. This is one of Australia's best bushwalking trails. Hiking all or part of the Larapinta Trail is a wonderful experience, but the Centre has far more to offer. All of our Red Centre bushwalking trips take you beyond the trails and allow you to experience this timeless land at the leisurely pace it requires. No other tour operator offers off-trail bushwalks of a week or more exploring this amazing region.

On our treks you experience the geological diversity and wide range of flora that the region has to offer. You explore the gorges and waterholes along the mountain ranges as you hike from one oasis to the next. You climb the peaks and enjoy views where no sign of man can be discerned in the wilderness. You relax beside the pools and watch the birds as they come in to drink.

Our treks give you a choice of season and of areas to explore. In winter, crisp, clear days and cold nights often allow you to climb the highest peaks. The warm to hot days and cool nights of autumn and spring mean you are likely to spend more time hiking through the cool gorges and enjoying the waterholes.

All our Red Centre treks depart from Alice Springs. Our getting here page explains how to get to the Alice. Our accommodation and things to do page tells you where you can stay and explains other things you can do in town.

Find out how to get to Alice Springs

We offer trips to four areas:

For details of what trips are on offer, see our Red Centre Trip List.

Interested in birds? See a bird list from one of our Finke - Watarrka trips. The list may be old but we still see most or all of the same species today.

If you would like some general information on central Australia, try the sites below.

Finally, there are two local attractions that deserve a special mention.

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