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People who plan ahead receive substantial discounts.

Advance purchase — the big one

20% discount if you book and pay four months in advance

15% discount if you book and pay three months in advance

10% discount if you book and pay two months in advance

Additional discounts

Up to three of the following discounts may apply. Maximum 35% discount.

  1. Past client - 5%
  2. Consecutive trips - Book two FULL trips and get a 10% discount on the second.
  3. Membership - 5% discount for membership in any one of the following: ACF, Wilderness Society, NPA of NSW, VNPA or YHA.
  4. Group - 5% discount for five or more booking together; 10% discount for ten or more booking together.
  5. Advance purchase as above.

Multiple section discount

Anyone doing consecutive sections on a single trip is entitled to a discount. Unless otherwise stated in the trip list, deduct $110 for two sections, $220 for three sections, etc. Deduct this BEFORE any other discount.

This discount does not apply to a full trip. It is already included in the price.

Special Discounts

For a variety of reasons, we occasionally have special offers. These will always be listed on our Availability and Specials page.

Discount calculation

Deduct any multiple section discount then work out additional discounts consecutively as follows:

  1. discount $1000 - 20% = $800
  2. discounts $1000 - 20% = $800 - 5% = $760
  3. discounts $1000 - 20% = $800 - 5% = $760 - 5% = $722

This is NOT the same as a single 30% discount.

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