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Mitchell Plateau No.3

July 29 - August 13, 2018

Sunset at Mitchell Plateau campsite

This trip takes you into the wilderness along the Mitchell River and some little known creek nearby. During the walk, you will see everything from open woodland and broad river valleys to deep gorges and waterfalls.

The region contains some of the largest pockets of monsoonal vine forest in the Kimberley and is home to more mammal species than have been collected from any similar-sized area in Western Australia. Those who take the time to look carefully almost always see some of the rarer species.

As on most of our trips, there is always time to cool off with a swim.

Bradshaw style Aboriginal painting

Looking for Aboriginal art sites is an important part of this trip. We will visit the best sites we found on previous trips and search for others. Although it is not yet possible to date most of the paintings, existing research suggests that the styles we see will range from early twentieth century back more than 10 000 years. If you are not particularly interested in the art, you might still enjoy poking around the various rock formations or perhaps you would prefer to relax near a pool and watch the birds or have a swim while others go exploring. The choice is yours.

Surveyors Pool Sunset

We begin with a long drive from Kununurra to the Mitchell Plateau and the end of a vehicle track from where wea short walk to Surveyors Pool. Most of our food and gear will remain in the vehicle allowing us time to acclimatise and get used to our packs. Some groups do this as a day walk. Others prefer to spend the night.

Mitchell Falls in August

When we return to the vehicle, we do a relatively short drive to the end of the Mitchell Falls track and follow the marked trail to the top of the falls. Even at this time of year, there should still be a reasonable flow.

After exploring the area around the top of the falls, we cross the river and descend into the gorge below. We spend the next several days working our way slowly downstream to the lower falls from where we do a day walk to the tidal rapids formed where a rock bar blocks the river.

Campsite near Lower Falls, Mitchell River Boat painting near tidal rapids
Having a break in the gorge

From the lower falls, we move cross country to a deep, narrow gorge which we follow to its head. The environment here is very different to that along the Mitchell so we allow extra time to experience and enjoy all it has to offer.

Campsite at head of Western Gorge

From the top of the Western Gorge, we head cross country back to the Mitchell River. After a final view out over Mitchell Gorge, we follow the marked trail back to the vehicle and begin the long drive back to Kununurra

Terrain and difficulty. Although most of the walking is relatively easy, the trip does include substantial amounts of rock hopping. Some sections will be quite rugged and others may require pushing through fairly thick scrub. People without off-track bushwalking experience are likely to find it more difficult than those who have had such experience. If you have never done any off-track walking while carrying a pack, we strongly recommend that you visit our How Hard? page and especially check the rock-hopping and climate sections to see what is involved.

View down Mitchell Gorge from top of falls

Your rewards are beautiful tropical pools, perfect for swimming; spectacular views; Aboriginal art sites and an incredible Kimberley wilderness experience no other operator can offer you.

Mitchell Plateau No.3 detailed trip notes.

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