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Jim Jim Falls, Wet Season - Enjoying the View
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Australian Bushwalking Holidays

Adventure Holidays with a Difference


Jumping for joy in the Carr Boyd Range

Trade the stress of the city for the peace of the bush and trek through a wilderness where no vehicle can ever go.

Look at the wonderful landscape before you. Smell the wildflowers. Listen to the birds. Relax in a rock shelter as you admire the Aboriginal paintings on the walls. Pamper yourself with swim after swim in clear, tropical pools.

Sound inviting? If so, our bushwalking holidays are for you.

The perfect adventure holiday

Young or old, our treks are the perfect adventure holiday if you

Bushwalking in the Bungle Bungles

There is no one else

Willis's Walkabouts is the only north Australian tour operator offering

25 years leading these treks has given us a level of experience and expertise that no one else can possibly match.


hiking through the timeless landscapes of northern Australia where

Time to wake up after a night sleeping under the Kimberley stars

No two trips are alike

Our walks are designed to show you the best that each region has to offer in each of our many seasons. This would be impossible if we simply did the same treks over and over again.

You can choose anything from a three day stroll to a six week trekking expedition, a scheduled departure or your own special charter.

To see our trip list, prices and available discounts, click on "Trips" in the top menu, then click on an area of interest in the list on the left. Alternatively, you can click here for our latest printable trip list.

Our trips are different, so different that we can't possibly offer a one-click booking form. Our How to Book page explaine exactly what you need to do to finalise a booking and has links to all of the relevant forms.

Experienced bushwalker or novice

Our clients have ranged in age from six to 80. Many have never done an overnight hike before. Others have been doing extended hikes for years.

Whether you are a novice or an old hand, our essentials page is full of useful information. If you've never done an overnight bushwalk before, we strongly recommend you visit our essentials page and read the pages which contain the absolute minimum you need to know before you book one of our trips.

We'd much rather have a smaller number of satisfied customers than a larger number of dissatisfied ones. Join us and see why, in our region, no other tour operator has a greater percent of repeat customers.

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