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Where to stay and what to do in town

If you haven't already booked your transport, have a look at our getting here page for infoamation about how to get to our departure points.

People often ask us where they can stay and what they can do in our departure towns. Here are some good websites for info.



Accommodation in Darwin is both fairly expensive and in high demand in the peak season. Some places book out months in advance. (The first weekend in August is the absolute worst.) If you are coming up, book your accommodation as soon as you can. The Tourism Top End website has the most comprehensive listing. To see a list of Darwin accommodation, click the link below. Before clicking "show all" or "show availability", you must

  1. Click the type or types of accommodation which interest you.
  2. Click "town" in the setting section.
    If you don't do this you may get accommodation from many places outside Darwin.
  3. Click "Darwin Region" in the location section

You will then see a list of places which are actually in Darwin.

Darwin Accommodation

Red Eye flights are often the cheapest way to get to Darwin. If you are going to arrive too late for our pre-trip meeting and want to maximise your sleep time, you might want to consider staying near the airport. The Darwin Airport Resort and the Darwin Airport Inn are both only about a 350 m walk from the airport terminal. The Darwin Gateway Airport Motel is about 1.5 km from the terminal and less expensive than the other two. All three are well out of town so you would probably be better off in the city if you'll be in Darwin for more than a single night.

Things to do

The Tourism Top End website has good information about tours and accommodation — and a lot more if you take the time to explore it properly.

Darwin is flat. The dry season weather is near perfect. It has a great network of purpose build cycle paths which make it one of the best places in Australia for cyclists. I couldn't find a single listing for all the places which hire bicycles, but a Google search for "bicycle hire Darwin" will get you a good list.

Want more ideas? How about one or more of the following.



The Kununurra Visitor Centre website has the most comprehensive listings.
To sse what's available, hold your cursor on 'Accommodation' in the drop down menu at the top of the page, then click a type of accommodation, then change the location box from 'all' to 'Kununurra'. You may have to repeat this for each type of accommodation.

Things to do

The Kimberley Australia Travel Guide website is a great source of information.

The Kununurra Visitor Centre website has more information. To get th the best bits, use use the drop down menu under 'Attractions' in the top line.

Google maps has as good a town map as we've seen. You can scroll in and out and move it around to find the detail you are looking for.

Alice Springs


The Tourism Central Australia website has the most comprehensive listing we have found.

The Trip Advisor Alice Springs Accommodation page has a fairly comprehensive listing as well. Be sure to click on the different types of accommodation.

Things to do

The"Alice Springs and the Outback" page on the Tourism Central Australia website has a good list of things to see and do — if you take the time to click the different links on the left menu.

Two attractions which we think deserve a special mention are the

Tom Price


The Tom Price Visitor Centre accommodation page has a good listing of what's available there.

Things to do

There isn't a lot to do in Top Price. Two things which have been recommended to us are the mine site tour and the walk to the top of Mt Nameless. The walk leaves from near the caravan park, so it's a fair way if you are staying in town. See the Tom Price Visitor Centre website for more information.

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