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The following notes provide information about transport, accommodation, level of difficulty and other factors which affect certain trips. Items are listed both for the full trip and for the sections to which they apply.

A   Aircraft. A light aircraft is used to transport passengers to and/or from the walk

B   Boat. A boat is used to transport passengers to and/or from the walk.

C   Cruise. The price includes a boat cruise other than Yellow Waters.

F   Float plane. The aircraft transporting passengers will land on the water. These cost more than conventional aircraft.

G   Guide, Aboriginal. You will be accompanied by one or more Aboriginal people for part of the trip.

H   Helicopter. Helicopter transport is provided.

J   On Jawoyn or other Aboriginal Land.

L   Limited numbers. Maximum of 9 including the guide. Prices reflect the smaller maximum group size.

N   Night's budget accommodation included. On trips where one section ends the day before the next section begins, accommodation between sections is included for those doing both sections.

S   Swimming. Major swims are involved. All those taking part must be able to swim at least 200 metres unaided.

T   Tucker, bush. Where possible, we will include a short bush tucker and cultural walk with one of Kakadu's senior Aboriginal traditional owners.

X   Exploratory. A part of these trips will be to places none of our guides have been to before. They normally fit into levels 2-4.

Y   Yellow Waters Cruise is included in the indicated section(s).

#   You can catch many flights the day the trip finishes. Check the trip notes for details.

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