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West Macdonnells

On top of Brinkley Bluff

Rising sharply out of the surrounding plains, broken by the cool, deep gorges which hide the life giving oases, the West Macdonnells dominate the Central Australian landscape that Albert Namatjira and the other Arrente painters have made famous throughout the world.

Most of those who visit the area content themselves with short walks to scenic spots like Standley Chasm, Simpson's Gap, Ellery Big Hole, Ormiston Pound, etc. Most of those who want an overnight hike do all or part of the 220 km Larapinta Trail. This is one of Australia's best bushwalking trails. Hiking all or part of the Larapinta Trail is a wonderful experience. You can do it on your own or with a tour, fully supported or carrying your own pack. If you want a guide and are content to stick to the trails, we recommend you find another company. Tourism Central Australia can give you suggestions.

If you want more than a marked trail, come with us.

Climbing Mt Giles

We take you beyond the Larapinta. On our trips, you hike to the tops of peaks like Brinkley Bluff and Mt Giles. You explore the cool depths of hidden gorges, many of which remain unnamed and unknown, even to local bushwalkers. You enjoy secluded camp sites where you can relax near a pool and watch the setting sun light up the ranges around you.

If that sounds appealing, you owe it to yourself to check out our two week West Macdonnells trip. It consists of two treks, either of which can be done on its own.

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Bush camp in Ormiston Pound

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