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Red Centre

Watarrka National Park

June 25 - July 8, 2017

Watarrka campsite with a view
Walking along the ridge above Kings Creek limbing up on the marked trail

Our trek begins as we follow the tourist track up to the top of the range. This is the steepest climb of the entire trip. Once on top we follow the trail until it crosses Kings Creek. We leave the trail here. From this point onwards, we may see no one else until the walk is over.

We hike north along Kings Creek into an area of rugged rock formations and hidden water holes, stopping to spend two or even three nights in one spot as we explore the rock maze around us.

Hiking along the northern edge of the George Gill Range Hiking down the southwestern gorge

From Kings Creek, we trek east to another deep canyon and another magnificent campsite. From here we continue hiking east to near the eastern boundary of the park. On most of our trips, this is where we have a water and food drop brought in by helicopter.

We then trek south to a large permanent waterhole in yet another deep gorge. The cliffs ahead of us give us no choice and we turn west back toward where we began.

High waterhole on one of the southern creeks Hiking into the dunes

We follow the southern edge of the range west, stopping at a number of permanent pools along the way. We may even walk out into the dunes on the top of the range and spend a night in a very different environment. The occasional art site tells us that this has been a special place for thousands of years.

As we near the end we meet the Giles Track which we follow back to where we began.

Terrain and difficulty.The walk begins with a steep climb along a marked trail. Much of the walk is along flat rock ledges but there is some rock hopping where you have to move over fairly rough country.

Portions of the walk go over soft sand which is generally slower and more tiring than walking over rock. The scrub should not be much of a problem, but this can vary from year to year and there may be some sections of fairly thick scrub which will slow our progress.

Although there are some moderately difficult sections, overall the terrain is as easy as you can find in central Australia. Combine this with stopping more than one night at some camp sites and you have one of the easier walks we offer in the Red Centre.

Your rewards are spectacular scenery, wildflowers and an incredible wilderness experience no other operator can offer you.

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