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Responsible bushwalking

The pristine wilderness through which we travel need care if they are to survive. Our guides are committed to the principles of minimal impact bushwalking and ask your help to ensure that no trace remains of our passing.

Among other things, this means

More details of what is involved in responsible bushwalking are found in our Bushwalking Guide.

You can help.

We believe that we have an obligation to do what we can to help preserve the wild places we love. You can help by becoming a member, preferably an active member, of one of the conservation organisations that fights to preserve the parks where we walk and our environment in general. By offering discounts for membership in some of these organisations, we hope to encourage more people to join. If you'd like more information, try the links below.

The Wilderness Society

The Australian Conservation Foundation

The National Parks Association of NSW

The Victorian National Parks Association

Tha National Parks Association of Queensland

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