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Willis's Walkabouts Newsletter 41, April 2009

We are on sale! It's maddening. While some trips are fully booked, several people may miss out on trips they booked months ago because we don't have the bookings to run them. Read on and check out some of the best deals we've ever offered.

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Special Offers

The Biggest Special of All

The first section of our Gibb Gorges trip has been fully booked by a group providing their own transport. The second section has places available, but only if we bring a vehicle out from Kununurra. The Charnley Explorer which follows the Gibb trip will have to drive in both directions unless we can get a vehicle in beforehand.

These offers expire at close of business on 28 April.

Click here to see the PDF trip notes for the Munja-Bachsten walk.

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Overseas Trips

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More on the February Bushfires

Following the February bushfires, someone sent me the article "We have still not lived long enough" by Tom Griffiths. It's well worth a read.

Those who have walked with me know that I often talk about northern cypress, Callitris intratropica, as a fire sensitive species which shows the health of the ecosystem. Until I read the paper "Kimberley Callitris". I hadn't realised just how much had been lost. It's a long paper, but well worth at least a quickj browse for those who are interested in how we have changed the Kimberley environment.

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Threatened NSW Parks

There is currently a review of the NSW National Parks and Wildlife act. The NSW government is seeking to open-up development and commercial opportunities. This will effectively shift the focus of parks from conservation to tourism and is likely to have significant implications for the preservation of cultural heritage values in these places.

Information about the proposed changes is available at:

If any of have concerns about these changes, please write to the NSW premier.

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2009 -- July and Beyond

In addition to the trips mentioned in the Special Offer section, the following all have bookings but none are yet guaranteed departures. We'll leave the 20% Advance purchase discount open until 28 April on all of them.

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Our New Website

I've been trying to get an improved website up and running for years. It hasn't been easy, but thanks to Tracey Dixon, one of our clients, we've finally got the beginnings of one. You can see the First Draft at our new website.

Although Tracey would have preferred to wait until the site was further developed, I thought it worth while to get some feedback sooner, rather than later. I would welcome your comments about the style and content and, above all, how I can re-word things to make it more easily found by search engines.

In making your comments, please bear in mind that this is still very much a draft, not designed to be found by search engines. When it finally goes live, it will have a different address. We'll keep the old site available for some time as well.

Click here to visit the first draft of our new website.

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Special discounts -- combine them and save even more


Book now and save! As in the past, if you are one of the first three people who quote this newsletter when booking any Australian trip within two weeks of when we sent it out, you will get an extra 10% discount on any trip where your total discounts are 10% or less. You'll get an extra 5% off if your total discounts are 15% or more.

Note 1. There has to be a limit. The maximum total discount on any trip is 35%.
Note 2. This offer does not apply to trips where the special offer specifies no other discounts apply.
Note 3. It's amazing how few people take advantage of this offer. You have to ask to get it.

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News About This Newsletter

Once again, I've put in a lot of time updating the email newsletter list. I do my best, but I make mistakes. If I've made a mistake with your listing, please accept my apologies, let me know and I'll fix it for next time.

This newsletter is sent from rrwillis@russellwillis.com. If you would like to continue to receive these newsletters, please include this address in your "friends list" so that it isn't blocked.

Note. The program we use to send this newsletter has an automatic delete at the bottom. Clicking that link will delete you from the mailing list on the server but it will not delete you from our main database. If you want to be removed from all further mailings, please send an email to walkabout@ais.net.au.

If you know someone you think would enjoy this newsletter, please forward it to them.

Best wishes to all.
Russell Willis

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