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The variety of ecosystems present in a relatively small area makes this one of the most ecologically important areas in northern Australia. The scenery includes everything from open woodland and broad river valleys to deep gorges and spectacular waterfalls. Aboriginal art sites are exceptionally plentiful, perhaps a reflection of the diverse habitats and abundant natural food supplies.

Swim stop at a wet season waterfall

Although all our Mitchell Plateau trips have certain parts in common, seasonal changes mean they all include different things. Trips from May through July include a helicopter flight to the 100 m Donkins Falls and a walk back to the Mitchell River.

If you would like to get a better idea of what our Mitchell Plateau trips are like, please see one or more of the photo galleries below.

Lower Mitchell and Western Gorge Gallery. This is the best known of the areas we walk on the Mitchell Plateau.

Donkins Creek Gallery. In some ways this is even more spectacular than the better known area around Mitchell Falls.

Camp Creek, Upper Mitchell River and Route to Donkins Gallery. This is another wonderful but little known area.

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