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West Macdonnell Ranges

Jun 11-24, 2017

On the Larapinta. We use the trail to get to even nicer places.

Section 1: Larapinta East & More: Jun 11-17

From the high points, the views go halfway to forever West Macdonnells swim stop

Our walk takes place in the area near Hugh and Spencer Gorges and Brinkley Bluff. We begin with a drive to where we join the Larapinta Trail and start our trek toward Hugh Gorge. By going beyond the trail, we include some spectacular views the trail omits. We then work our way toward Brinkley Bluff for some spectacular hilltop views.

This section includes a choice of several possible routes. This allows us to tailor the walk to the needs and wishes of those who take part. The water will be cold, but the days should be warm so you may want a quick swim. There will probably be some parts where you do not need to carry your full pack.

We finish with a walk to Standley Chasm where we are met by the vehicle which returns us to Alice Springs for lunch and to replenish supplies for the second section.

Section 2: Larapinta West & More: Jun 17-24

Moderately rough walking along Ormiston Creek Sunset photo time, Ormiston Pound

This section will take us even further from the trail as we visit one of the most unusual places in the Macdonnells. This is an A to B walk. Some group[s begin at Ormiston as described below. Others begin at the Serpentine Chalet campsite.

We begin at Ormiston Pound, hike to Bowmans Gap. Some of the walking is flat and easy. Some is rocky and rough.

Spring fed creek, West Macdonnells Hiking toward Mt Giles

We then walk along the edge of the range, stopping to do a day walk to the top of Mount Giles. Continuing on, we camp below a small fern-lined gorge where a permanent creek (the only one we know of in the area) flows gently on its way.

Our trek finishes with a walk across the Alice Valley to rejoin the Larapinta Trail near Serpentine Chalet where we are met by the vehicle which will return us to Alice Springs.

Moderately rough walking along Ormiston Creek Sunset photo time, Ormiston Pound

Terrain and difficulty. Both treks include a mix of easy, flat ground, rock hopping and occasional steep climbs. In some areas, the spinifex is likely to be dense enough so that heavy gaiters and long trousers are essential.

We rate this trip as average difficulty.

Your rewards are spectacular scenery, wildflowers and an incredible wilderness experience no other operator can offer you.

West Macdonnell Ranges detailed trip notes.

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