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Kakadu Super Circle No. 2: 10 June - 1 July 2018

Campsite, Jim Jim Creek

Pictures say more than words . Look at the pictures below for an idea of what you'll be doing and what you'll see if you join us.

View stop, upper Jim Jim Creek Campsite, Twin Falls Creek Swim stop, Twin Falls Creek tributary

Section 1: Koolpin to Twin via Jim Jim Falls: 10-21 June

Crossing a small tributary of Jim Jim Creek View stop, central Koolpin Gorge

Our walk begins in southern Kakadu and takes us through spectacular Koolpin Gorge (Jarrangbarnmi) with its many waterfalls and Aboriginal art sites. From Koolpin we cross to Twin Falls Creek and work our way up the creek and across to the headwaters of Jim Jim Creek. We follow the creek down to Jim Jim Falls then walk over to Twin Falls where we meet our food drop.

Section 2: Twin to Gunlom: 21 June - 1 July

Cascades Creek water slide. Central Falls, Gronophylum Creek.

After meeting our food drop vehicle at Twin Falls, we walk across a plain then climb the escarpment to Surprise Falls, a beautiful spot inaccessible except on a long walk. From here, we continue to Graveside and Cascades Creek with its amazing water slide. This is followed by Gronophylum, Barramundi and Waterfall Creeks. As always, there is plenty of time for swimming along the way.

As was the case at the very beginning, the final part of the walk takes us through Budjalang or Sickness Country, a very important area for the Aboriginal traditional owners.

Yellow Waters crocodile. Violet Lawson explaining the traditional way to use pandanus to make baskets.

A short hike on the final morning brings us to the top of Gunlom Falls, site of the waterfall scene in the original Crocodile Dundee movie. After a view out over the plains below, we follow the marked trail to the bottom where we meet the bus which takes us to the Cooinda resort. Late that afternoon we do a cultural walk with senior traditional owner Violet Lawson before a bistro meal at the pub and our first bed in three weeks. The following morning, we do a wetlands cruise on Yellow Waters. Unlike the areas where we walk, Yellow Waters is home to large crocodiles. The cruise is the best and safest way to give you a chance to see them.

After the cruise, we board the bus for the long drive back to Darwin.

Camping among the wildflowers.

Terrain and difficulty. This is the longest trip we can offer in Kakadu. You will see more of Kakadu than on any of our other walks.

The map at the bottom of our Circle Trips page shows the relative locations of our four long circle routes and gives an indication of just how far you can get from vehicular tracks.

Some sections of the walk are fairly flat and relatively easy. Others involve considerable rock hopping and are moderately difficult. There are a few steep climbs but these are short and over relatively quickly for most groups.

There is normally relatively little thick scrub but gaiters or long trousers are still a good idea.

To take part you need good fitness and a sense of adventure. The food drop at the end of section one means that you do not need to carry food for the full three weeks.

Your rewards are waterfalls, wildflowers and an incredible Kakadu wilderness experience no other operator can offer you.

Anyone considering this trip needs to read out Kakadu Super Circle No. 2 detailed trip notes.

For more information about this trip or to find out how to book email us for Kakadu Super Circle No. 2 Information

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