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The Kimberley is so large that the climate varies dramatically as you move inland. The Aboriginal people in Kalumburu could distinguish seven seasons. Those further inland had fewer. Outsiders often talk of two seasons, the Wet and the Dry. Anyone who has lived in the area can distinguish a third, the Build Up, when physical discomfort is at its worst.

The Wet Season (December-March) shows you the land at its best. The land turns lush and green, waterfalls appear everywhere and wildflowers carpet the land.

The Dry season (April-September) shows you the land at its most comfortable -- low humidity and warm to hot temperatures during the day, cool to cold at night; clear blue skies with hardly a chance of rain.

The Build Up (October-December) brings increasing humidity and higher temperatures (40°C and higher is not uncommon). Even the largest rivers dry out to a series of waterholes linked by no more than a tiny trickle. It is so hot and uncomfortable that we do not run any trips at this time of year.

Want detailed information about the weather in the Kimberley?, try these links from the Bureau of Meteorology.

For easy to understand graphs showing average temperatures and rainfall, click "Graphs ". Halls Creek is the closest to Purnululu (Bungle Bungles). Kalumburu is the best for the Kimberley Coast. Mount Elizabeth is the most like the areas where we do our other Kimberley trips.

For detailed tables of climate averages, click "Tables". Kimberley Res. Station is the best for the Carr Boyds and Cockburn Ranges, Warmun is the best for Purnululu (Bungle Bungles), Mitchell Plateau is the best for the Mitchell Plateau and Drysdale River National Park, Kalumburu is the best for the Kimberley Coast, Fitzroy Crossing and/or Derby would be the best for the Isdell, Richenda, Charnley and Gibb River Road areas.

For a picture of recent rainfall so you can see how much water is likely to be available, click " Rainfall" and choose which ever map or maps you would like to see.

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