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Kakadu Highlights No. 7

August 12-25, 2018

Cascades Creek. No trails on any of our walks

Section 1: Graveside - Surprise: August 12-22

Relaxing by the pool

We begin with the long drive from Darwin to Kakadu where we leave the bitumen and head down the rough Graveside track. We leave the vehicle and enter a wonderland. The Graveside area contains the greatest concentration of permanently flowing creeks we have found in Kakadu. You walk through deep gorges and, if you wish, you can take advantage of the nicest natural waterslide we have found. With the road closed for most of the time we will be there, we should have it all to ourselves.

Waterslide Walking through a Kakadu Gorge

We gradually work our way around a long loop, stopping at one of the most remote waterfalls in Kakadu along the way.

On the final full day, you drive out to Cooinda where you enjoy hot showers and a pub meal. The next morning you do the Yellow Waters cruise which gives you a great view of the wetlands wildlife.

Section 2: Dinner Creek: August 21-25

Lower Dinner Creek

This section overlaps with the first and includes the night at Cooinda. Following the cruise the next morning we drive to southern Kakadu and begin our walk along Dinner Creek, one of the little known wonders of the park.

Despite its beauty, Dinner Creek remains little known because it is so sensitive for both environmental and cultural reasons that only 12 groups per year are permitted into the area and group size is limited to 9 people.

Side Falls Crossing Dinner Creek

Dinner Creek is one of the shadiest areas where we walk. Much of the walking is done with day packs from a base camp. It is one of the few permanent creeks in the area. The beautiful pools are perfect for swimming.

Main Falls Swimming at the main falls

There is more. This walk visits one of the most unusual geological formations in Kakadu. We won't include a picture as we don't want to spoil the surprise.

Terrain and difficulty. This is a relatively easy trip with plenty of time for swimming and relaxing. There are, however, one or two long days, but these come after you've had a couple of days to get used to the walking. There is a substantial amount of rockhopping along creeks. Those who have never done anything like this before sometimes find it fairly difficult.

Your rewards are waterfalls, wildflowers, an incredible Kakadu wilderness experience and an Aboriginal cultural experience of a kind that no other operator can offer you.

Kakadu Highlights No. 7 detailed trip notes.

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