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Kakadu Highlights No. 8

9-22 September 2018

Cascades Creek. No trails on any of our walks

Twin Falls Creek: 9-11 September

Amphitheatre Falls, late dry season

This section begins with the drive from Darwin to Twin Falls where you put on your pack and walk up to a base camp a couple of km above the falls. The next day you leave your pack and do a leisurely walk up to the Amphitheatre Falls (photo). On the final day, you return to the vehicle and drive to Jim Jim Falls.

Into the pool, upper Twin Falls Creek Wet crossing, Twin Falls Creek

Jim Jim & Rainforest Gorge: 11-16 September

Relaxing at Jim Jim Creek

Although Jim Jim Falls isn't normally flowing much at this time of year, there are still beautiful pools such as the one at left where we can camp. Nearby we have a creek which flows well after its more famous neighbor has stopped. The walking is rugged, but the rainforest gorge is shady and filled with monsoon forest. This section finishes with a night at Cooinda and a Yellow Waters wetlands cruise.

Rainforest Gorge Falls, late dry season Yet another swim

Barramundi Area: 15-20 September

Buffalo Pool

This section overlaps the second with the night at Cooinda and the Yellow Waters Cruise. After the cruise, you drive to Maguk (Barramundi Creek) where there are a number of beautiful pools and waterfalls.

Ubirr and Mary River: 20-22 September

Mary River Houseboat

From Barramundi Creek you drive to the famous Ubirr art site where you do a short walk after which you spend the night in budget accommodation. The following morning, we drive to the Mary River and board the houseboat where we spend the next day doing a leisurely cruise up and down the river, a perfect way to finish

For a better idea of what the houseboat is like, please have a look at our Mary River Houseboat photo gallery.

Terrain and difficulty. Sections one and three are among the most leisurely trips we offer in Kakadu. The schedule allows most groups to get into camp early or have long breaks during the day. Section four is even more relaxed.

The walk up or down the rainforest gorge includes scrambles over boulders. some of which are the size of small houses. Some of those who have done it have thought it was the hardest thing they had ever done. Those who begin with this section without the advantage of having done the previous sections, find it harder than those who have done the first section. If it appears that a majority of the group would have difficulty with this walk, the guide can alter the route to omit the hard, but scenic day and return via Jim Jim Falls.

To take part you need good fitness and a sense of adventure.

Your rewards are waterfalls, wildflowers, an incredible Kakadu wilderness experience and an Aboriginal cultural experience of a kind that no other operator can offer you.

Kakadu Highlights No. 8 detailed trip notes.

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