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Kakadu & Top End

Kakadu Circle No. 2

July 1-14, 2018

Walking by the Cascades on Cascades Creek

See wonderful places - places that can only be reached on foot, places that no other tour can take you.

Visit Aboriginal art sites - sites that you would never find on your own or with any other tour operator.

Camp next to beautiful pools - pools that you share with no one but your walking companions.

Two sections - this trip is divided into two sections, either of which can be done on its own.

Koolpin camp at dawn. So few insects that some people chose to sleep without as much as a mosquito net.

Our walk begins in southern Kakadu and takes us through spectacular Koolpin Gorge with its many waterfalls and Aboriginal art sites. From Koolpin we cross to Twin Falls Creek and work our way down to Twin Falls. After a day exploring the area near the falls, we follow a vehicle track , normally closed to vehicles until mid June or July, to Jim Jim Falls where we collect our food drop.

Near the headwaters of Waterfall Creek

From Jim Jim, we return to Twin Falls Creek, cross it and then walk to Surprise Falls, a beautiful spot inaccessible except on a long walk. From here, we continue to Graveside, Cascades, Gronophylum and Barramundi Creeks, ending at the Maguk parking area. As always, there is plenty of time for swimming along the way.

Terrain and difficulty. Some sections of this walk are fairly flat and relatively easy. Others involve considerable rock hopping and are moderately difficult. There are a few steep climbs but these are short and over relatively quickly for most groups. Most of the route is next to water so there will be several swim stops every day.

None of the walking is on a marked trail. If you have never done any off-track walking through moderately rough terrain, nothing we can say can adequately describe the experience. Our How Hard web page will, however, give you a good idea of what is involved. Find out more about rock hopping, our climate and how we rate the level of difficulty of our trips.

Relaxing by the pool Walking through a Kakadu Gorge

Your rewards are waterfalls, wildflowers and an incredible Kakadu wilderness experience no other operator can offer you.

Kakadu Circle No. 2 detailed trip notes.

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