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Kakadu is huge. At 20 000 sq km, Australia's largest national park is about the size of the state of New Jersey in the USA, about half the size of Switzerland. It is also one of the few places which has been declared a world heritage area for both natural and cultural reasons. To quote the original world heritage evaluation report, "Combined with the overlay of its cultural values, there is simply no other protected area on earth like Kakadu."

Kakadu contains one of the world's greatest collections of prehistoric art, unique in representing the history of a still living culture. Many of Kakadu's birds, small animals and plants are found nowhere else.

As large as it is, there are only a few sealed roads and gravel tracks in the park. This means that most of the park can only be reached on foot. As there are no marked, overnight hiking trails, any group doing an overnight bushwalk must contain at least one member able to use a map and compass for cross country navigation. In addition, they must obtain a bushwalking permit well before their trip.

Although dozens of tour operators can take you to Kakadu, Willis's Walkabouts is the only one who offers treks where you hike far into the back country on dozens of different walks, ranging from three days to three weeks. Unlike other operators who run the same trip again and again, no two of our trips are alike. This means

Russell Willis, owner of Willis's Walkabouts, has been hiking in Kakadu since 1974. No one knows it better. Every one of our guides has the benefit of that experience. They know the best Aboriginal art sites, the best trekking routes, the best camp sites and the best places to swim. Our bushwalking trips take you into places like the escarpment country and the upper South Alligator Valley, far beyond where any vehicle can go. They let you experience the wilderness on its own terms.

Our many Kakadu bushwalking trips can be grouped into four types: Circle Trips, Family Trips, Highlights Trips and Light-Pack Trips. If you want to hike, we've got something for you.

The links on the map and in the Kakadu Highlights menu above right contain additional information about the different parts of the park where our treks take place.

General Park Information

Kakadu is Aboriginal Land. If you would like more information about Kakadu, see the official Kakadu National Park website. It has additional information about all aspects of the park including

Want to know more about Kakadu's World Heritage values? See the

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