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Kimberley Areas

Isdell River Region

In the lower Isdell Gorge

There are three major gorges along the Isdell River. We visit the upper Isdell Gorge on our Gibb River Road trips. We visit the middle and lower Isdell Gorges on major expeditions.

Swim stop, Isdell tributary creek

The Isdell itself is only one small part of the longer trips. There are small, shady gorges; broad, grassy gorges; gorges filled with paperbarks and flowers; dry gorges; gorges where the water reaches from cliff to cliff - and more. A variety of Aboriginal rock-art sites show how special these areas have been for thousands of years.

If you would like to get a better idea of the Isdell area, please see the Isdell Photo Gallery
or read the Isdell River detailed trip notes

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