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How hard are our trips?

People with limited off-track walking experience often find our trips more difficult than those who have such experience. Rock hopping down a creek bed is much more difficult for some than for others. Some are more tolerant of heat and/or humidity than others. Some feel that our most difficult trips are easy. Others feel that our easiest trips are difficilt.

The absolute minimum level of fitness required for our easiest trips is to be able to comfortably walk 10 km in 2½ hours on level ground while carrying a small pack.

You will not have to walk this fast on any of our trips but your ability to do so is a good indicator of whether or not you are fit enough to cope with the conditions you will encounter.

This test is not enough. If you have done little or no off-track walking in rough conditions or you have not done extended walks in hot conditions, you need to study our information on rock hopping and climate before deciding to try one of our trips.

Rock hopping refers to walking over rough, rocky ground like you might find walking next to a river where there is no trail.

The climate in the areas where most of our walks take place is tropical monsoonal.

Your pack weight can be less than you might expect.

The level of difficulty of our trips cannot be described in a few words.

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