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Kimberley & Pilbara

Gibb River Road Gorges

June 10-24, 2018

Bell Creek Falls

Terrain and difficulty. This is one of our easiest pack-carrying trips. Most of the walking is relatively easy. None of the walks are particularly long. It is, however, all off-track. People who have never done any off-track walking are likely to find it more difficult than those who have had such experience. More information is in our detailed trip notes.

Your rewards are spectacular scenery without the tourist hordes you find at the easily accessible spots and an incredible wilderness experience no other operator can offer you.

The Gibb River Road Gorges detailed trip notes have not been updated as we have not yet been able to finalise the itinerary due to changes in land tenure. Please watch for updates.

See a gallery of Gibb Road Gorge photos. Note. We will not visit every single place shown in the photos and may visit others which are not shown.

For more information about this trip or to find out how to book email us for Gibb River Road Gorges Information

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