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Wildlife Photo Gallery

Here are some of the birds and other wildlife you might see on our Mitchell Plateau Birdwatching Expedition as well as on many of our other trips. Most of the photos were taken in the Kimberley. A few are from Kakadu. With the exception of a few endemics, you can find most of these in both areas.

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As shown in the two photos below, you can often get very close to the wildlife. The photo at the left shows the photo at the right being taken.
The partridge pigeon shown at the right was photographed in Kakadu. The Kimberley partridge pigeon has yellow around the eyes instead of red. We have seen a number of Kimberley partridge pigeons but haven't yet managed a good photo.
Some birds are always found close to water.
Although we seldom see large numbers of wallabies on our trips, we sometimes manage to get close enough to have a good look.
We always see plenty of small lizards. Occasionally we see larger reptiles such as the frill necked lizard and freshwater crocodile shown below. The freshies are shy and seldom seen. We NEVER swim in pools where we believe there is any possible danger from the larger estuarine crocodiles.
On every trip we offer, you will have an opportunity to spend a reasonable amount of time observing the birds and other wildlife. On trips like our birdwatching specials, finding and observing the wildlife will be our main objective.

For more information about our Mitchell Plateau Birdwatching Expedition or to find out how to book, please click the information link and send us an email. Mitchell Plateau Birdwatching Information

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