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Twin Falls Creek Gallery

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The last part of the drive to Twin Falls is along a rough 4 wheel drive track. Our walks begin and end by following fairly well defined but unmarked trail between the Twin Falls carpark and the top of the falls.

The three photos below show two views of Twin Falls and the view down the gorge from the top of the falls. As the nearest campground is about an hours walk and another hour's drive from the top of Twin Falls, only those camping above the falls can get sunset views.

Once at the top of the falls, a short walk along a combination of sandy beaches and flat rock brings us to our campsite.
From our camp site, we do a day walk through the upper gorge, stopping for a swim or two along the way.
We usually have time to explore a short distance above the Amphitheatre Falls where we find more cascades, pools and a small natural bridge over the river.
The photos above should give you a good idea of what you can expect on one of our Twin Falls Creek walks, but nothing can compare with the actual experience.

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