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Nitmiluk Gallery

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Our Manyallaluk to Katherine Gorge trips begin with the one day cultural tour at Manyallaluk and a night at the community campground.
Some of the walking is a bit rough, other parts are quite easy.
Each of the Manyallaluk guides brings his or her personal view of what the art sites we visit means to them as an individual.

At the end of several days walking with an Aboriginal guide, you will have gained an insight into Aboriginal culture in a more intimate fashion than is possible on a shorter trip.

Whether you come in the wet season so you can witness the power of the river in flood, or in the dry when the nights are so perfect that you can sleep under the stars, our trips offer you a unique way to experience Nitmiluk and a still living Aboriginal culture.

Click here to go to our Kakadu and Top End trip list. Kakadu Highlights Nos. 4 and 6 and Kakadu Light Nos. 1 and 3 all visit Nitmiluk.