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These are a selection of rather older galleries that have not yet been updated, but why miss out on them completely just because they are not quite as shiny as the new ones?
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Mitchell Plateau Photo Gallery 3

Camp Creek, the Upper Mitchell and the route to Donkins

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The topographic maps for this area were done in the early 1970's with little of no ground checking. They are not completely accurate. The gorge and waterfall below do not even show up as a bend in a contour line on the map. This is a perfect example of the wonderful kinds of places we can discover on out treks.

As with the other parts of the Mitchell Plateau, we visit numerous Aboriginal art sites. We camp next to lovely pools on small creeks that only a few bushwalkers will ever visit.

The photo at the upper right was taken at a lovely spot where we camped for two nights as we explored the surrounding country.
The photos below were taken on our day walk, done at a leisurely pace so we could enjoy the flowers, watch the birds and have a few swims.

Some of the walking on this section is as flat and easy as anything we do anywhere.

The photo at the left above was taken on our journey from Donkins Creek toward the Mitchell River. The livistona palms in the second photo were near Camp Creek.

The upper portions of the Mitchell River passes over numerous small cascades and creates wonderful spa pools.

The camp sites are excellent and lunches are always relaxing.

We'll finish this gallery with two photos taken at a lovely camp site on Camp Creek.

There is far more to see than these few photos can show. Why not join us and experience the best that the Mitchell Plateau has to offer.

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