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Mitchell Plateau Photo Gallery 1

The lower Mitchell River and the Western Gorge

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Almost everyone who visits the Mitchell Plateau visits Mitchell Falls. The photo at the near right shows the falls in May in a good year. The photo at the far right shows the falls in August in the same year. In a dry year, they can dry up completely by late August.

When we reach the top of the falls, we have a good look around before crossing the river and climbing down into the gorge below.

We visit a variety of Aboriginal rock art sites as we move down the river.

Eventually we reach the lower falls. These are almost as spectacular as the main falls, the only major waterfall that most 4WD tourists see.

We set up a base camp at the lower falls and spend one or two days exploring the area. Fishing in the tidal area below the lower falls can produce spectacular results as shown at the right.

From the lower falls, we walk over to the Western Gorge and begin our journey to the top.

On our August trip, we often visit Surveyors Pool. In deference to the wishes of the Aboriginal traditional owners of the area, swimming is no longer permitted in Surveyors Pool itself, but we can still swim a short distance upstream.

We normally use light aircraft to get to and from the Mitchell Plateau airstrip. We often spend our final night at the East Kimberley camp, a comfortable way to relax before returning to civilisation the following day.

There is far more to see than these few photos can show. Why not join us and experience the best that the Mitchell Plateau has to offer.

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