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Kimberley Coast Comparison Photo Gallery

The six photos on this page should show you why we run our Kimberley Coast trip so early in the year.

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The three photos below are all of a small waterfall near Faraway Bay. The photo at left was taken in May 2004, after the wet season had ended. The second and third were taken in early April, the middle in 1998, a normal year, the one at right in 1995, an especially wet year.
The two photos below are of King George Falls. The first was taken in mid May 2004, the second in late March 1995.

The photo at right is a close up of the west branch of King George Falls taken on the same trip where the photo at right above was taken. Contrary to what you might think, 2004 was not a particularly dry year. On our first visit to King George Falls in late May 1990, there was not a drop coming over the falls.

If you want to see the Kimberley Coast waterfalls at their best, you have to come during or just after the wet season.

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