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Jim Jim and the Rainforest Gorge Gallery

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The last part of the drive to Jim Jim Falls is along a rough 4 wheel drive track. Our walks begin or end by following the marked trail to or from the top of Jim Jim Falls.

Prior to the climb we may stop for a swim in Jim Jim Creek. If you come late in the year, there may be little or no visible flow as shown below left. Come early and you should see a good flow as below centre.

Once at the top of Jim Jim Falls, we enjoy views out over the plains below before moving upstream where we visit Aboriginal art sites and swim in permanent pools.
One of the loveliest spots on Jim Jim Creek is the Monoliths.
Numerous Aboriginal art sites show how important this area was and is to the traditional owners. In keeping with the wishes of the traditional owners, we have not included any art site photos on this page.
From Jim Jim Creek, we walk through open woodland to the top of the rainforest gorge. You can just make out the line of the gorge in the righthand photo below.
We camp near a beautiful waterfall and pool near the top of the gorge. These photos were taken in October when Jim Jim Falls had stopped flowing. No shortage of water here.
Moving down the rainforest gorge can be a challenge because of the almost constant rock hopping. Fortunately, most of the gorge is in thick shade all day.
Although the walking is rugged, we can always stop for a refreshing swim.
If we do the walk in a clockwise direction, our final camp site will be at the bottom of the rainforest gorge. From there we walk across relatively flat ground back to where we began.
The photos above should give you a good idea of what you can expect on one of our Jim Jim and Rainforest walks, but nothing can compare with the actual experience.

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