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Gibb Road Gorges

Information and Photo Gallery

Our Gibb Road Gorges trip is one of our easiest pack-carrying trips in the Kimberley. It consists of a series of short walks of from one to four days. Even with such short walks, we leave the 4WD tourists behind and visit some of the most beautiful gorges in the region. We visit such an incredible variety of places that we have split the gallery into three parts.

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The Beginning

We have the choice of beginning with long drive along the bitumen to Fitzroy Crossing and visiting the popular tourist destinations of Geike Gorge, Tunnel Creek and Windjanna Gorge or leaving them out and driving straight to Lennard Gorge via the Gibb River Road. The photos below show you some of what you will see if we choose to begin with the tourist route.

Geike Gorge
The image at the right shows you just how large the Fitzroy River is at this point. All these images were taken on the CALM cruise on our 2003 trip. If participants prefer, we can replace this with the longer Darngku Aboriginal Heritage cruise.

Tunnel Creek
Tunnel Creek forms a cave where it cuts through the limestone range. To really enjoy it, you need to take a torch and wade through to the far side. About half way along, there is a place where the roof has collapsed shown below right.

Windjana Gorge

If we include the tourist route, we normally stop at the Windjana Gorge campground. The photo at right shows the view from the campground near sunset.

Windjana is home to the greatest concentration of freshwater crocodiles that we have ever found. The photo below left was taken with a telephoto lens. Tame as they may seem, we do NOT get too close to the crocs.

The walk through the gorge makes a pleasant way to begin or end the day.

Lennard Gorge
Lennard Gorge is one of the most spectacular areas we visit. Many people go there but most only do a very short walk and see no more than the top of the gorge, shown at right. Very few realise that the main gorge lies a bit further along.
We cross the river and walk along the far side, stopping now and then to look down into the gorge below.
The relatively easy walk along the top is followed by a steep descent to the bottom of the gorge. We have lunch here before beginning a scramble up the lower part of the gorge. Without fullpacks, it's easier than it looks.
At the end of the scramble, you have the choice of climbing to the top, or blowing up an airbed and floating through the deepest and narrowest part of the gorge.
The climb back up to the top of the gorge is not difficult and, once on top, the walk back to the top of the gorge is relatively flat and easy. We finish the day at a secluded camp site above the gorge.

Bell Gorge

Bell Creek Falls and the top part of the gorge is one of the most popular spots along the Gibb River Road. A short walk from the car park brings us to the falls shown at right. A short walk downstream gets us to some beautiful pools which we often have completely to ourselves.

The first two photos below show the crossing above the falls and the popular pool immediately below the first drop. The second pair of photos were taken less than 30 minutes downstream. There were dozens of people above the falls, perhaps a dozen at the first pool, but we had the lower pools entirely to ourselves.

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The Derby Tourism Association web site has a wealth of information about the area. We particularly recommend their maps page, Gibb River Road page, Fitzroy River page and Gorges and National Parks page.
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There is far more to see than these few photos can show. Why not join us and experience the best that the Gibb River Road has to offer.