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These are a selection of rather older galleries that have not yet been updated, but why miss out on them completely just because they are not quite as shiny as the new ones?
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Freezing Gorge Gallery

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This gallery will take you through Freezing Gorge and show you some of the differences you can expect at different times of year.

We begin with the waterfall at the top of the gorge shown at right. On the far side of the pool, you can see the small gorge which we walk through on the way over from Koolpin. At the far right is a view back toward the falls from downstream.

Freezing Falls usually dries to a trickle quite early in the dry season, but the pool in the gorge immediately downstream is permanent. The only way through is to float your pack. The two photos below are from downstream, looking back toward the start of the pack float.
The two photos at right show the difference between the wet and dry season in the downstream end of the gorge. During the Wet, you have to wade and swim the entire distance. In the Dry, the swim is only 30-40 metres long.
At the end of the gorge, you need to do a moderately difficult rock scramble before you drop down to the campsite shown at right. Following Freezing Creek downstream of that camp is even more difficult in places as shown at far right.

The photo at right above is the most difficult part of the descent, but it, nonetheless, one of the most difficult rock scrambles on any of our trips. Fortunately, it is relatively short and usually over in a couple of hours.

If you can't see the person in the photo at the far right above, click to see a larger version.

The photos above should give you a good idea of what you can expect on a walk through Freezing Gorge but nothing can compare with the actual experience.

Use this link to go to our Koolpin Gorge photo gallery. All our trips through Freezing Gorge go to Koolpin as well.