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These are a selection of rather older galleries that have not yet been updated, but why miss out on them completely just because they are not quite as shiny as the new ones?
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Family Bushwalk Photo Gallery

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On family trips, we tailor our speed to the members of the group. The smallest children may need be carried most of the time, slightly older ones may need an occasional lift.
But, for the most part, from about age 5 or 6, most children can do all of the walking themselves. The children in most of the photos on this page ranged from 6 to 13.
It's all off-trail and it's not all easy, but it's all part of the adventure.
The photos at right show a bit of a rock scramble and the beginning of a walk and swim through a cave -- a bit chilly but a great experience.
The next two photos show the group in the cave.
Children often find our insects fascinating. The more adventurous can eat the green part of our green ants -- lemony flavour and full of vitamin C.
Small lizards are another great attraction. Sometimes they get quite close. The small monitor in the left photo below was hiding under a billy one chilly morning. The tiny dragon in the right photo was quite content to sit on a hand -- we were too big to register as a threat.
The flowers may not be as exciting as the bugs and lizards but everyone still enjoys stopping for a good look. The one at left below is only found in the rocky escarpment. The other is common throughout the park.
Bugs, birds, lizards, flowers -- children enjoy them all, but the thing that they most enjoy is the swimming.

We leave this gallery with a photo of a typical campfire scene.

If you have children, stop and think about how much they might enjoy one of our family trips.

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