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Pearson River and Beyond

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All photos in this gallery are courtesy of Robin Baillie and Jopie Bodegraven, two of the walkers who let us know about this area.

Not too long after leaving the vehicle, we enter the gorge country.
The two photos below show walking on rocky ground near the gorge and approaching the site of the first pack float. The photo at right is another view of the pack float site. The people who climbed around found it much harder than those who floated through.
Not far past this comes the most spectacular campsite of the trip.
Just past this camp is a pack float or deep wade depending on water levels and how carefully you can stick to the ledges.
The light on the gorge cliffs can be really beautiful. It is, however, hard to capture on film so the photos below can only hint at what you may see.
Some of the walking is quite easy as shown below.
The country opens out as we near the end of the gorge. If your look carefully, you can see one of the walkers in the photo at the left below.
We reach the junction with the largest river in the area where we turn upstream and begin our return back to the vehicles.
Depending on how we are going for time, we may do a walk to the lovely waterfall on a side creek shown at right.
Leaving the main river, we follow another creek which brings us back to the track where we left our vehicles.
Many thanks to Robin and Jopie for the use of their photos and their notes on the walk.

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