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Bungle Bungles Wet Season Photo Gallery

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All of the photos here were taken by guide Bruce Swain on our April 1999 trip. These are the kinds of views you can expect on our Wet Season trip in February.

We have run trips into the Bungles every year since 1986. This was the only time we saw Piccaninny Creek flowing. We may never again be lucky enough to see Piccaninny Creek flowing this late in the year.

Contrast the views you see here with the dry season gallery. It's almost as if you were in a completely different place.

The next three photos show a set of cascades in Piccaninny Creek and two views of the pool at which the group was camped the night it rained.

The storm came at night and the falls were many times larger than shown here. But even in a major flood, we can get onto high ground and enjoy the spectacular views. We expect similar conditions on our February trips: short bursts of peak floods followed by much lower flows.

There is far more to see than these few photos can show. Why not join us and experience the best that the Bungle Bungles have to offer.

Click here to go to our Dry Season Bungles Gallery.

Click here to download a PDF file of our Wet Season Bungles trip notes.

Purnululu was listed as a world heritage site in July 2003. The following quote is from the Australian Department of Environment and Heritage website.

"Famous for the 45 000 hectare Bungle Bungle Range, with its huge expanse of striking banded beehive structures, sandstone cliffs and towers, Purnululu has been listed as an outstanding landscape that is a superlative natural phenomenon, revealing the history of its formation over hundreds of millions of years. Purnululu National Park has such outstanding universal natural values that it enriches the world and should be conserved for the benefit of all people. Before 1982, when aerial pictures were first released, it was virtually unknown except to pastoralists, scientists and the local Aboriginal community. It is now seen as one of the scenic jewels of outback Australia."

See the UNESCO Description of the World Heritage listing.

If you would like more information about the Bungles, here is a 72 page PDF of the Australian government application for World Heritage status for Purnululu. The document contains a wealth of information (much more information than in the actual listing) as well as some beautiful photos. It's over 2MB, so you'll need a lot of patience if you don't have a fast internet connection.