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Arangieskop Photo Gallery

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The Arangieskop Trail near the town of Robertson is one of the most spectacular trails in South Africa. It is quite steep but the views are fantastic. The overnight hut at the top is a magic spot to spend a night.

The photos in this gallery were taken on our 2004 trip. In 2008, we had better weather, but even then, we did find a few small patches of snow.

On the first day we went up, up and up some more. The weather wasn't bad, but we did have a couple of rain squalls on the way up.

Not long after lunch, the Arangieskop hut came into view. We entered the hut and it the snow flurries began. It was slightly above freezing so the snow didn't stick. Cold, wet and uncomfortable outside, but inside we had a stove and plenty of firewood so we had a warm, pleasant and relaxing afternoon indoors. There was even a hot shower for those who wanted one.
We still had another couple of hundred metres to get to the summit of Arangieskop the next morning. That small difference made all the difference as we climbed into an icy wonderland. Look carefully at the photo onthe right below and you'll see the group preparing to descend.
What goes up must come down and down we went. The photo at left and the two below were taken some distance apart on that long descent.
Just when we thought the descent was almost over, we had to climb a bit more before the final drop into sunshine and flowers.
Back at the cars, we all agreed that this had been one of the most spectacular and rewarding walks we'd done.

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