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Red Centre

Finke Gorge National Park

July 10-19, 2016

Returning from a day walk at one of our hidden campsites.

Palm Valley Area

Rest stop on a small creek near Palm Valley Hiking up Palm Creek beyond Palm Valley

On most of our Finke trips, we hike through Palm Valley and continue out into a vast open area. We follow the creek upstream for some distance until it bends west near a ridge. We cross the ridge into another creek system which we follow back down to Palm Valley once more. We usually spend two nights on this hike.

The Boggy Hole Track

Boggy Hole, late afternoon Campsite near the Boggy Hole track

Boggy Hole is one of the very few permanent waterholes on the Finke River. As such it was, and still is, incredibly important for the local Aboriginal people. We normally spend one or two nights camped near the waterhole and do a day walk up into the hills beyond.

The Boggy Hole track is strictly 4WD. Using hired 4WD vehicles gives us the freedom to carry water and camp anywhere we like. This in turn allows us to visit one of the most spectacular landforms in the park.

Circular Valley

Circular Valley from the rim Moonlit campsite near Circular Valley

Circular Valley was formed by an old bend in the Finke River. It is a fair hike from the 4WD track. Sometimes we do it as a day walk. And sometimes we carry out packs part way and camp as in the moonlit photo here.

No one who has done the hike has ever been disappointed.

Moderately rough walking along Ormiston Creek Sunset photo time, Ormiston Pound

Terrain and difficulty. Most of the pack carrying is on relatively flat ground. There is, however, some rock hopping and a few short climbs. Some of the day walks include some steep climbs and rock scrambling — nothing technical, but some people find it challenging. In some areas, the spinifex is likely to be dense enough so that heavy gaiters and long trousers are essential.

We rate this trip as average difficulty.

Your rewards are spectacular scenery, wildflowers and an incredible wilderness experience no other operator can offer you.

Here are three photo gallery pages that should be of interest.

Special conditions apply to this trip. Full details are in the Finke Gorge National Park trip notes.

For more information about this trip or to find out how to book email us for Finke Gorge National Park Information

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