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East Macdonnells

N'dhala Gorge lookout

While we don't currently offer any treks into the East Macdonnells, we have done so in the past and are more than happy to run charter bushwalking trips which go there.

The East Macdonnells are one of the best kept secrets in central Australia - beautiful and peaceful, yet, even on the roads, there is hardly a tourist to be seen.

Our East Macdonnells trips have consisted of two or three hikes, the longest of which begins with an easy pack carry across the pink and purple garnet-covered sands of Ruby Gap and Glen Annie Gorge to a base camp. From there, you do day walks into the surrounding hills exploring small, cool gorges and enjoying grand views southeast toward the Simpson Desert.

Small gorge near Arltunga

Here are some of the things we can include in a trip to the East Macdonnells.

The list goes on. If you would like a trekking trip without too much pack carrying but one where you do a variety of hikes, please contact us to see what we can arrange.

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