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Drysdale River National Park

The easiest way to get to the park

This is the largest and least accessible (no road access, no air strip) national park in the Kimberley. The photo at left shows a good way to get there.
On every Drysdale trip, you see a variety of gorges, waterfalls and wildlife. The photo at the right below shows Solea Falls, the largest waterfall on the Drysdale River

Aerial view of Solea Falls

The park is so large and there are so many different things to see that no two trips follow the exact same route. The area contains one of the greatest concentrations of Aboriginal rock art, especially Bradshaw style paintings, in the Kimberley. All our trips spend time visiting a variety of art sites.

Bradshaw style art

If you would like to get a better idea of the area, please see the original Drysdale Photo Gallery and the newer
Western Drysdale River National Park photo gallery.

The PDF notes describing our two Drysdale trips are full of extra information. Among other things, these explain how we get to and from the park.
Detailed trip notes - Drysdale River National Park No. 1: June
Detailed trip notes - Drysdale River National Park No. 2: June-July

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