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Enjoying the water at Cathedral Gorge

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Willis's Walkabouts
12 Carrington Street
Millner NT 0810

Phone: (08) 8985 2134

or from outside Australia: +61 8 8985 2134

Fax: (08)8985 2355

or from outside Australia: +61 8 8985 2355

Note. Our phone is scheduled to move from the old copper network to the NBN fibre one soon. When it does, the fax will cease to work. The phone is scheduled to be transferred to a fibre phone but if something goes wrong, we may not have a phone for a while. Email will always work.

Email: walkabout@bushwalkingholidays.com.au

Willis's Walkabouts, 12 Carrington Street, Millner NT 0810, Australia walkabout@bushwalkingholidays.com.au

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