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Kimberley Areas

Cockburn Range

One of the Cockburn gorges

Situated near the Wyndham end of the Gibb River Road, the Cockburns consist of a heavily dissected plateau surrounded by huge cliffs. The imposing views from the road give no hint of the deep gorges, permanent pools and beautiful camp sites which lie hidden within.

View from the helicopter, photo P. Benjafield

On our dry season trips, we may use a helicopter to fly into the start of the walk giving us spectaular views that can't be gained in any other way. There is so much in such a small area that you often drop your pack and wander off on an exploration that might take an hour or even a day.

Pack float, photo P. Benjafield

On most walks, floating your pack across one or more pools saves you a substantial climb.
We visit the Cockburns on our Kimberley Highlights and Green Kimberley trips.

If you would like to get a better idea of the Cockburn Range, please see the Cockburn Range Photo Gallery

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