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Carr Boyd Explorer

May 13-26, 2012

Southern gorges from the air

Section 1: Southern Range: May 13-19

Shady gorge in southern Carr Boyds

We begin with bus to Lake Argyle and a boat trip across the lake. We then work our way up a gorge and then to the top of a spectacular waterfall. A long day's walk from the falls brings us to another creek and the beginning of an even more spectacular gorge.

We follow this down to a narrow gap where we float our packs to exit the southern range. We are met here by the helicopter which brings in the food drop and those joining us for section two. Those finishing here take the helicopter back to Kununurra.

Section 2: Northern Range: May 19-26

Relaxing at a pool in the northern range

We walk across the broad valley which separates the northern and southern Carr Boyd Ranges. This brings us to an incredible creek where we find seven waterfalls over a distance of about 3-4 km. We spend the rest of the week slowly working our way north, swimming in the many beautiful pools as we explore a few of the many spring fed creeks which dot the range. About lunch time on the final day we are met by the 4WD vehicle which brings us back to Kununurra.

Terrain and difficulty. This walk has it all. Some of the country is flat and easy going, some is rough and steep. Some is open and some covered with thick scrub. As the vegetation varies from year to year, we can't say how thick the scrub will be until we do the walk.

This is neither an exceptionally easy nor an exceptionally difficult walk. There will be plenty of time to stop and enjoy the many waterfalls and pools along the way.

Your rewards are spectacular scenery, beautiful tropical pools and an incredible wilderness experience no other operator can offer you.

Carr Boyd Explorer detailed trip notes.
These notes were completely revised and updated on 15 September 2011.

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