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Kimberley Areas

Carr Boyd Range

Typical Carr Boyd waterfall

Located south of Kununurra and west of Lake Argyle, the peaks and cliffs of the Carr Boyd Range present a rugged, dry, barren and forbidding face when seen from the road. Up close, they show their hidden treasures: deep, cool gorges, waterfalls and beautiful, fern-lined pools, just waiting for someone to have a swim.

Walking along Packsaddle Creek

The Carr Boyd Range offers some of the best and most easily accessible bushwalking in the Kimberley. We visit the southern half of the range on our Carr Boyd Explorer. We visit the northern part of the range on our Kimberley Highlights trips as well as on our Carr Boyd Explorer.

Note. A native title claim over the Carr Boyd Ranges where we used to walk means that we can not offer any further trips into the range until we have negotiated an agreement with the traditional owners.

If you would like to get a better idea of the area, please see the Carr Boyd Photo Gallery

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