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How to Book Overseas Trips

The nature of our trips means that booking one of them cannot be a simple procedure. Before any booking is final, all the following steps must have been completed.

  1. Send us your name, postal address and a non-refundable $200 deposit (or full payment). You may do this by bank transfer (this is the easiest way to pay — please ask for our bank details), email, phone, fax or snailmail. We can accept credit card payments via phone, fax or email but be warned we do not have a secure line and we charge an extra 2.5% for credit card payments.
  2. You need to read our Bushwalking Guide. If you prefer, we can email or snailmail it to you. While some of the information isn't applicable to particular trips, it does contain information which is important for all trips.
  3. Every trip is different. If you haven't already downloaded the trip notes for your trip,check our Availability and Specials page which has links to most of the detailed notes. If you can't find them there or would prefer us to send them, please ask and we'll email (or snailmail if you prefer) them to you.
  4. Read the checklist which applies to your trip.
  5. You need to download, fill in and return our Overseas Trip Registration Form, preferably after you have read the Bushwalking Guide, trip notes and checklist.

    If you prefer, ask us and we'll email or snailmail it to you.

    If the checklist for your trip is not on the list above, please ask us for one.

  6. Pay any balance which is due. Full payment must be received by the date shown on the individual trip notes.

Note. None of the discounts which apply to our Australian trips apply to the overseas trips.

Cancellation Fees

If you need to cancel your holiday, you need to notify us in writing. The cancellation will take effect the day it is received and a cancellation fee will be levied as described in the individual trip notes.

Travel Insurance

You must have travel insurance. Our liability insurance requires us to make sure that everyone coming on one of our overseas trips has travel insurance. We cannot finalise any booking until we have evidence that you have an appropriate policy.

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