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Latest update: 15 December.

List Prices. Our PDF trip list has all the latest updates, some of which may not yet have made it onto the main trip pages.

Plan ahead and save big dollars with our .

Picked your trip?

Note. When a trip is described as a definite departure that assumes that there will not be cancellations.

Now through February

Only one trip remains available.

When we didn't get the bookings to run the original trip, owner Russell Willis decided that he'd run the trip for himself and a friend. If someone else wants to come along even better. Special conditions apply to this trip. See the trip notes for additional information. Link to the notes will be here when they are finalised.

March Onwards

All trips on the PDF trip list remain available. We already have a definite departure out as far as late August. Here are the first trips trips with bookings as of the date at the top of this page.

New Trip: Centralian Highlights 11-19 April


We have now finalised three trips.

In addition to the trips above, we hope to offer some or all of the following.
  • Vanuatu — first time in several years
  • Southern Africa — we may offer a second trip
  • Patagonia
  • Japan
  • Scandinavian winter

Note. None of the discounts which apply to our Australian trips apply to any of our overseas trips.

More Info

Our latest Newsletter went onto the website on 9 December.

For the latest updates to this website, see our What's New page.

For more information about each trip, click on the trip name. Some require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Our regularly updated PDF trip list lists every trip we have on offer.
Latest Update 15 December.

Note. Some of the trip notes may not yet have been updated. Other than the dates, they should still give a good picture of the trip. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Prices. Some of the 2018 prices listed on this website have not been updated. Many of our costs have risen so many of the prices will have to rise. Anyone booking and paying a deposit before a price rise is announced

Credit cards. Our bank has changed the rules. We can no longer accept credit cards.

Special Charters

If none of the available trips fits your dates or where you wish to go, please ask about our charters. We can go almost anywhere in the NT and Kimberley with almost any size group, provided you give us enough notice.

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