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Western Arctic Spring

March 2011

Camping under the aurora near Yellowknife
Snowshoeing near Yellowknife

This will be our fourth arctic trip, our third one in the spring, our second to the western arctic, almost identical to the trip we ran in March 2006.

Baffin Island: view from back of dog sled

We will begin with the Alaska Ferry from Prince George in British Columbia in Canada to Skagway in Alaska. Along the way, we will stop off in a number of places and go snowshoeing or skiing out to forest service cabins.

Snowshoeing near Yellowknife

From Skagway, we move up to the Canadian Yukon where we plan to do a dog sled trip with a local operator. We expect to finish in Whitehorse from where we can fly back to southern Canada.

Western Arctic Spring detailed trip notes.

Want to see what it's like? Have a look at the photo galleries from our 2006 trip.

Southeast Alaska, March 2006

Yukon Dogsled, March 2006

Too cold? We are offering a 2009 Arctic Summer trip as well.

For more information about this trip or to find out how to book email us for Western Arctic Spring Information

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